Extremely Loud and Incredibly Loud

by Husky Boys

  • Cassette + Digital Album

    Dubbed with love and consternation by Jamie Helmsworth in his apartment

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released July 1, 2016

vocals, lead guitars-Jamie Helmsworth
lead guitars, vocals-Amit Gordon
bass-Sam Sesek
drums-Eric Bloombaum

Recorded by Jamie at Puddletown Division Place Jan 16
Mixed and mastered by Eric May 16




Husky Boys Portland, Oregon


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Track Name: Book of Love
Put it down in the book of love
There’s not too much there to be proud of
Steel binds holding up the daily grind
One way streets into which we’re shoved

Sewers backed up with roses
Faces stuck in pouts
Bathrobed half-couch poses
Gentlemen’s gout and sleaze
Calling everyone tease

But what’s there to do instead
But lie around in bed
Bow, scrape and pretend
It doesn’t interest me
I don’t bleed
And say it’s more or less ok
Book of Love

Put it down cos it’s too fucked up
Won’t you tell me when you’ve had enough?
Movin your hands by some precogs’ plans
Whatever you can blame behavior on

Stony, square and silent
Killing humor and teams
How do you redeem the courtside scene?
A bad dream
Just say it’s more or less ok
Book of Love.

Put it down in the Book of Love
There’s no region for this tragedy stuff
You’ll find someone to hold
Spare tires and mold
Squeeze your hand when you should shut up.
You should shut up
Book of Love.
Track Name: Arielle
On a Sunday night
Under Halloween lights
Saw you on a deadman’s bench with beer in hand
Told of textbook strife and the stairwell fight
Said “You’re a handsome boy but I prefer strange men”

Even though I sometimes think I’ve died and gone to Hell
You’re the reason why I don’t give St. John’s Bridge a try to see for sure
Life’s so long like the grind to the school bell
I’ve just gotta make sure I’m not doing it wrong.

Heard your midnight prayers
From your Christmas light lair
Slanting house by the liquor store
Made our witches brew
For each passing troop
Guess that’s what all the studying’s for.

Remember late at night when we’d get home from work?
And get in your bed and just lie there?
And Vic would come in, and June would come in and Vic would come in
I swear to god I could die there.
Given the chance, I would die.

Now fluorescent and gray
In an office bored.
Waiting for McNulty’s files to render
In an apartment you
Can’t afford
Trying to give a fuck about L’Entrenger.
Track Name: Be a Man
It’s a long way down
Spin like a nickel when I hit the ground
But for my life I’ll never understand
How you could say that you love me if I’m a man

Black and blue in the locker room, they showed me the rules

It’s a long, dark night
In your lap, nosebleed wrapped up tight
I say I’m a sissy but you insist
That there’s dynamic tension in my limp wrist

Silver and blue outside the locker room, I followed the rules

I don’t wanna be a man
All these angry muscles stitched together
I don’t wanna be a man
I want a little lace with my leather

I don’t wanna be a man
Track Name: Cagey Owen at Quarterlife
Came from the Park
Knew husbandry
Had plays written on their North Face sleeves
Owen only knew extended U from the library

On back fields sweat and rubber fly
Snapping jaws call to poor Owen to try
Cut his hair into a square pick out colors for the rivalry

Through the halls hear the groaning of old Cagey Owen
Saying “what check out counter magazine sold you that dream?”
“All your men and models and bodies from a bottle”
“I’m on nobody’s team.”

Tried for a handeye on a smaller scale
25 ½ bringing in old folks mail
Field the shed with books on shred and pictures of Sting.

Studied up like it was nuclear fission
Broke a string at the battle audition
Some bong lords ripping barre chords won the whole thing.

Through the town hear the groaning of old Cagey Owen
Punk rock never did dick to keep me warm
All your studs and bristles, political dismissal
A bullshit uniform.

But now he’s older
Looks over his shoulder
“Did I do that right?”
Well I call that a quarter life.
Broke and broken
Beaten down, but still hopin to be young one more night.
Cos all that he gave up, it’s saved up made him uptight
Bitter and mean and so Cagey.

Through the years hear the groaning of old Cagey Owen
Saying “is it too late for me to have some fun?”
“So many arms would’ve held me I could’ve been so happy.”
God, what have I become?
Track Name: Drinking Buddy
There you are throwing stones at my window with a
Bag of wine in your hand
The deadline waits like a man at the gallows
But he’ll be there tomorrow so work be damned

Like you, like me, like the kid
In your little yellow book
Your cheeks are flushed is it a milk maid’s blush
Or just that shit I dipped out and took

While I talked to that moral boner
Without you there would be no one here that I like.

Wrapped up in linens and limbs with Kim
When I get that 4 am call.
She says to go, she’s always suspected
And really and truly not bothered at all.

But I know it’s just you looking for
Someone to hold back your hair
So I chuck that burner out the window
Lands square on your forehead waiting there

I haven’t called cos my phone’s still broken
Hope your brain’s okay, you were so well spoken

Oh drinking buddy, should be easy to replace
But your stool sits empty
Younger kids fill up the place
New uncanny valley
same clothes new crop of bands
Go ahead and get the next round
I’ll choke down whatever you demand

I could throw stones at your window till I throw out my arm
But this bag’s getting lighter, and with my aim
I know I’ll set off a car alarm

I hit him with a rolled up weekly
When I heard what he’d done
But after all I do all I put you through
God knows you’re entitled to a bit of fun.

Track Name: Kaye, Gone
4 am as an eager freshman,
Turned the broadcast into my confession
She was the priest on the request line
Saying calm down dude you haven’t done any crime.

Said her name was Kaye like the letter
May have crossed paths but I never met her.
The calls just stopped without a gasp or cry
Now I’m hanging in the station late every night like.

“An hour’s not so long”
“C’mon just one more song”
Oh why can’t I say
Goodbye to Kaye

Out with the boys from Cali to Texas
Stop outside Santa Fe for breakfast
Diner radio man what do I hear
But that same old voice hanging by a tear
She’s like

“An hour’s not so long”
“C’mon just one more song”
Oh why can’t I say
Goodbye to Kaye